The 40-Day Diet Makeover

Book Summary

America is facing an obesity epidemic.  Obesity causes numerous health risk such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Strokes, along with certain Cancers just to mention a few.  Many overweight people feel helpless when it comes to controlling their weight.  Studies show that just a 10% reduction in weight can improve health. 

As you know, most diets only work when you are on them, then they quickly stop working as soon as you get off them or quite using the special products.  Often the “on again,” “off again” journey results in some--or all--of the weight being regained.    The 40-Day Diet Makeover is different, it is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. 

Fad Diets are a temporary solution for a permanent problem.  They don’t encourage real lifestyle changes; they teach you to rely on SELF and/or gimmicks for weight lose.  Losing weight and keeping it off is hard and we as humans can’t do it alone however; we can do it with God’s help.  When we stop relying on SELF and start relying on God it changes everything. 

The 40-Day Diet Makeover is a biblically based weight management program designed to be two-fold for success.  It is designed to help readers develop a partnership with God, so He can help them use the foods He has given us to glorify Him. It provides you with simple, easy to follow nutrition guidelines to implement into your diet, along with lifestyle adaptations that will lead to weight management while exploring God’s word and learning to rely on Him for help. 

The book has 40-Days that build on each other gradually giving more and more depth about Nutrition and Diet while exploring Biblical truths.   Each day ends with an interactive devotion and space for prayer and food journaling.

The first days discuss the importance of commitment and allowing God to help you with your struggles.  You will explore why you eat the way you do, habits you developed as a child that may be sabotaging your efforts to lose weight and how to rebirth your God given instinct to control your weight. 

The next few days explores comfort food and how food fits into your life.  It provides the reader with tips for dealing with issues such as time and food preferences.  It goes into details about planning menus and calorie counting calories. I don’t recommend calorie counting for a lifetime however it is a good tool to help one discover how much they are really overeating.  

The days that follow take the verses from Ephesians 6:11-18 on the Full Armor of God and explores how you can apply it to your eating habits as well as your life.  You learn about recipe modification as well as low fat cooking.

There are days dedicated to scripture from Matthew 7:13-14 on the wide or the narrow road, it explores fad diets and why they don’t work.  It researches various scriptures that can help build desirable characteristics in ones life. 

The final days sum it all up and give encouragement and tools to persevere as you continue on your journey to a healthy weight.

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