“Your Journey”

The 40-Day Diet Makeover Program for Churches

  • A program offered in six weekly classes at local churches through weekly 1 ½ to 2-hour meetings.
  • Each class is taught by a Registered Dietitian with visual aids which includes a power point, food models, fat bags, skits, interactive activities and much more 
  • An 40-day devotion/journal compliments the program and promote spiritual growth while trimming down the waistline
  • Handouts, healthy recipes, food diaries, prayer journals, menu and calories guides are provided.

Life is a Journey

As you struggle and strive to be more active and eat healthy it becomes “YOUR JOURNEY”.  Hence the name of this program is “Your Journey”.  It is not a diet, because most diets are only temporary solutions for a permanent problem.   They work while you are on them, but quickly stop working as soon as you get off of them, resulting in the weight being regained in most cases.  Therefore, it is not a diet; it is a study that allows God to help his people makeover their diet and reprogram their lifestyle to promote weight management and wellness through scripture and Bible study. 

  • This program can be offered to churches within a 45 mile radius of Philadelphia, MS. 
  • To offer this program at your church, you would need a minimum of 15 interested participants. 
  • The cost of the program is $45.00/person or $80.00/couple when pre-registered, $50.00 at the door. 
  • This cost includes the Six Weekly Course taught by a Registered Dietitian, a Forty  Day Devotion/Journal, Handouts, Worksheets, and Recipes.

If you would like to offer this program at your church, click on Forms on the left side of this page and print the Your Journey Interest Survey.  This survey can be used to evaluate the interest at your church. Once you have at least 15 committed participants fill-out the  Your Journey Request Form.

The decision to offer the program at your church will be based on location, the number of interested participants and the availability of a Dietitian/Presenter.  Posters and handouts to advertise will be provided once a starting date has been set.

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